Saturday, August 16, 2014

Solar in Da House!

We've got our Solar system up & running!

Many of you know that Solar power had been in our plans for the house since the beginning.  

When we constructed the garage, we situated it to have a south facing expanse of roof for the purpose of mounting solar photovoltaic panels.

  Well we finally got her done!

Last week our guys from Solarflair took 2 days to install the system.  

Here is day one.

At the end of the day, we went up on the roof for a closer look.

Here's a lovely rooftop view of our house and yard including my septic hump wildflower and wild grasses meadow, and our solar clothesline.

On day two, the PV panels were mounted.

The inspections took place on Tuesday of this week.  

And on Thursday, Unitil came out and replaced our meter with a new net metering one.  The new meter can send the electricity that we generate into our house as needed and any excess energy is directed into the grid.

We are now generating solar electricity!

Can I get back to my nap now?

Angie is not quite as excited as we are about all this...