Monday, May 25, 2015

Finishing Touches

Anyone who has ever built a home knows that the small finish projects have a tendency to languish on the "we'll get to it list" once you've moved in and settled in to "real life".  We are no exception to this phenomenon.

One of the biggest finishing projects on our list is the upstairs bathroom.  We had some forward motion over the winter, and I had been delaying posting with the thought that I would do so once it was completely finished.  But progress has stalled again - and the shift toward outside projects has begun to take precedence.

Dean admits that he is a finish-phobe.  He has a LONG history of getting projects to the 85-90% finished stage.  

I, on the other hand have a finish-fetish!  There is almost nothing I like better than finishing up a project and stepping back to admire and enjoy our handy work.

So this post is about finishing things, and this is what we've been up in that vein...

Upstairs Bathroom

The window sill and window trim

Baseboard trim

The closet is getting it's finish trim.  The doors will come later.  I had been periodically checking the stock at the Habitat for Humanity Restore to see if we could pick up some bargain doors, but was not able to find the size we need, so we ended up ordering new doors.  They have been painted and are awaiting installation.

The tub surround has been tiled and grouted and awaits the installation of the fixtures.  

Speaking of the fixtures:  In what has now become our modus operandi, there were several missteps involving the shower/tub trim fixtures.  It started we me ordering a somewhat pricey set of trim fixtures  - a LONG time ago - like when we were first building.

Now that we are actually ready for the install, we discovered that the shower trim is NOT compatible with the Symmons shower controller valve that was already plumbed  in.  So we can't use it!  AND, I can't return it because it has been literally a few years since I bought it.  Oh well.  We CAN use the shower head and the tub spout -  and have now acquired the compatible shower controller trim.

Downstairs Bathroom

Since we moved in we had been using one of those shower caddies that hangs over the shower spout and is secured with suction cups.  It was very unsatisfactory as the suction cups did not hold, and is was always wiggling around and threatening to fall off the shower arm...

So Dean fabricated a shower caddy from stainless steel that is secured to the shower surround with screws - no wiggling here!

He put these neat little metal loops to slip the razors in and a nice soap dish that can be taken out and run through the dishwasher when it gets all gunky!

Stair painting

I finally got around to painting the risers of the stairs.  Here I am cleaning up the bits of paint that got on the treads.

Finishing the deck

Dean felt that the top rail needed some extra stability, so wanted to add a piece of wood underneath, and it was his idea to make it a decorative element by drilling a pattern of wholes.  I think it  adds a nice touch!

Marking the posts for the wire railing.

I finished staining the deck last week, so all it needs is the installation of the wire rails to be completely finished.

I scored these deck chairs from a free-cycler.  I am not a great sewer, but my plan is to attempt to make some cushions for them

Finishing the garage/barn

The side of the garage has been in this state of partial paint for quite a while.  In fact, our UPS delivery guy teases Dean about it almost every time he delivers a package to us.

A big part of the reason why some of these things get delayed is because moving the Genie lift is a big project in itself.  Hook it up to the truck, trailer it to it's new location, lower the stabilizing feet, adjust the level, etc.  

So, Dean is always thinking about the most efficient use when considering Genie placement.

In this case, from this placement of Genie, he worked on adding the vent at the gable peak, starting installation the soffit enclosure, and partially finished painting the unpainted section.  Because she has a limited reach, it will take another Genie move to complete this side of the garage.

That's it for now.  Still plenty of things that need finishing, but of course we are also on to new projects like the shed we are building.  Stay tuned for the details!