Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The G Shed

Remember the lumber we had milled over the winter?  The plan for this wood was to use it to build a shed to house the generator.

For all the time we have lived here so far the generator has been sitting out on the edge of the septic hump.

For quite a few years now, this had been the view out my kitchen window.

As soon as the weather permitted, Dean was hot to start on this project.

For this structure we are using short piers placed on concrete pads as the base.  Here Dean is constructing the piers.

The frame of the floor uses 6 x 6's and sits on top of the piers.

Next the floor is completed.

The supervisor on site

The supervisor does a detailed inspection

Next, the walls are erected.

The supervisor gives her approval

With the walls up, Dean got to work constructing the roof trusses.  He did this in the big ass garage with more help from the supervisor.

After the trusses were built, it was time to put them up.  Here was the plan:  Use the backhoe to move 2 trusses at a time to a staging area.  One of the lumber stacks turned out to be a great staging area.  From there the 2 trusses are attached and cross braced to each other with the correct spacing between.  Then use the hoe to carry and lift them into place onto the shed.

But first...

the supervisor inspects the backhoe shovel.

With everything in working order with got to the task at hand.

My primary job was to hold the trusses in place while Dean measured and attached the cross bracing.

But I did get in a little bit of hammer time!

Looks like a miss...

The first set of 2 trusses was the hardest.  There was a lot of trial and error - emphasis on the error - and we learned a lot that made putting up the next two sets a lot easier.  There was a lot of problem solving, and a got some nice props from Dean for a couple of good solutions that I came up with!

Finally we were down to the last set.

Missy takes a break

And at the end of the day, my FitBit credited me with this.

Good to get the credit!

With the trusses up, we were ready to move on.

Dean used a chainsaw to trim the 4x4 ends of the trusses.

And Missy chips in to help with the clean-up!

The drip edge goes up,

and the shingles go on.

With three walls sided and the door not yet on, it seemed to make sense to put the generator into the shed.

Generator in da shed!

It needs to be right in the middle so there is plenty of room to move around it so Dean can work on it when it breaks.

Now that the generator is in and the shed is mostly enclosed, it's on to the door.  

I wanted to do a sliding barn door style door.  

Missy inspects the progress.

Sliding barn door hardware is expensive.  Dean had this section of uni-strut that wasn't doing anything, so we're using that for the rail.  The wheels will sit in the channel.

Flashing goes up over the door slide channel,

and then the upper gable enclosure gets installed

This is the wheel part attached to the door.


Installing the door.

We'll add a handle to pull the door open and close.

Just because it's a utility shed does not mean it can't have some charm, right?  So I added this little weather-vane, 

and we will install these cute old windows I picked up at a consignment shop

There will be two windows on each side.

One more Missy cuteness before I close.

Oh yeah, so now that this project is nearing completion, Dean is proposing that we get a new generator!  One of the type that runs on propane and starts automatically when the power goes out...

Anyone want to buy a big ass Army surplus diesel generator?