Saturday, July 18, 2015

Out Door Shower Re-do

We had been enjoying our first outdoor shower on the north side of the house for a couple of years.  Then last fall we built the deck and the shower ended up under the deck.  So we decided to move it to a sunnier location.

Here's how it went down

We moved the shower control to one of the deck supports

and Dean got to work on the new plumbing.

These copper sections connect with the PEX piping that runs under the deck.

Back when we were doing a lot of rock moving, we had set aside a very large flattish rock that we thought would be good as our shower floor.

We excavated a nice size whole, filled it partially with crushed stone, added a layer of landscaping fabric and with the help of the backhoe and our supervisor, set the stone in place.

Here's what it looks like without a dog standing on it...

More crushed stone went in around the big rock and covers the fabric.

Next, I had this idea to use an old wood shutter that I had gotten from a free-cycler to build a small wall for the shower that would be a place to hold soap and shampoo, etc.

Taking the old hinges off.

We secured the shutter between 2 pressure treated 4x4's

Here we are digging the hole to place the wall.

 We dropped the lower part of the wall into the hole and back filled with crushed stone.

I painted the whole unit, and added some plants around the shower area.

I put up these cute bird hooks and bird soap dish  that I bought on Etsy from Riri Creations

The soap dish needed a hanging bracket as it was intended to sit on a horizontal surface, so dean fabricated one.

I found this small metal shelf at The Friday Barn, and spray painted it to go with my color scheme.  I liked that the bottom was perforated to let water run out.

These were all mounted onto the little shutter wall, along with some spray painted plastic clips that hold our razors.

So this replaces the system we had been using before.

Much better!

Some more plantings gives it an oasis feeling as long as you look past at all the junk still under the deck...

Ready for a pleasant outdoor shower experience!


  1. Seems every project now involves moving a bog rock. Brilliant!

  2. Nice job!!!!
    What a luxurious out door shower!!!!!