Sunday, February 28, 2016

Raven Rush Hour

We noticed the phenomenon of what we call "Raven Rush Hour" when we were first building the house and spending a lot of time outdoors.

We noticed that most days, when we were paying attention, we would see a large number of ravens flying over our property.  In the morning, they move from south to north and in the evening they fly from north to south.  Sometimes they are a little bit east of the house, and sometimes a little bit west, and sometimes they are directly overhead.  Sometimes they are caw-caw-cawing the whole while and other times they are silent.

The exact time of the commute changes with the seasons and seems to be related to the light.  The morning commute right now occurs around 6:15 am.

During the late summer and early fall, we can hear the ravens down near Locke Brook making all of their various calls all day long.

They were the inspiration for my naming the house "RavensLocke".

Here's a snippet of what we see almost every day. This happens to be an evening commute.

Watching Raven Rush Hour delights me to no end!  It always feels like a little gem or a blessing to be out in the yard or walking down the driveway, or even looking out the dining room windows and witnessing it.

In other news, I plan to post on some house updates very soon!