Monday, March 28, 2016

Finishing the Master Bath

The upstairs bathroom was the room that had the most components left unfinished, but we have now completed everything except the door pulls on the closet doors.

Seemingly simple things can sometimes take a while to accomplish.  Case in point was installing this shelf above the back of the toilet.

First, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to do with this space...

I finally decided on a shelf, and found some mounting brackets that I liked.

Mounting the first bracket was pretty straightforward as it was mounted into a stud.

The second bracket was not in a stud.  Our first attempt to mount it using this type of screw anchor system failed because the screw would not grip the anchor, or maybe the anchor would not grip the drywall, I forget exactly which is was...

So we switched to molly bolts.

With the brackets finally installed, I was ready for the shelf.

I started with a nice piece of oak, that Dean had salvaged from his father's garage, and with his help, I cut it to size and finished the edges using a router.  I applied a stain that I ended up not liking the result - too dark.

Then I came up with the brilliant idea to use the top that we took off the bureau that we had converted to be the sink base.  I cut and used the front section that has this nice curved profile.

It looks so much nicer, and it matches the sink base.

I put up some of my art work that has been in storage for quite a few years now.

So here are some views of the final finishes.

Looking out the door into the hall and stairwell

Looking in from the door

The closet doors which still need their pulls installed

Tub shower area

We are now working on closet doors in the upstairs rooms. 

Dean is up there making some hammering sounds as I type this.  

I'll post more on this as we progress.


  1. You have done Such a nice job! IT SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU ARE ENJOYING the work!!!!

  2. Very nice bathroom!