Saturday, July 30, 2016

Closet Doors

One of the "little things" that had remained unfinished is doors for the upstairs closets.

I am happy to report that two of the three closets now have doors.

Both of these closets are in the eaves of the roof line, and therefore are pretty tight spaces, so we could not use regular full size doors.  We needed bi-fold doors.  I did a LOT of looking around at the options, and did not really like anything that was in the affordable range.

So we decided to make our own doors.

The first step was to prep and trim the door openings.

This is the closet in the front room.

And this is the bedroom closet

We started with a few of the pine boards that we had milled from trees on our property,

and I gave them a light sanding just to get the roughness out.

Here they are ready to be assembled.

Each panel consists of two boards.  Here are a couple of sections.

The doors were primed and then finish painted, and hinges were placed between the two panels, and then they were ready for installation.

And here's a little demo of the door in action.

I painted the front room door a red color - just for fun - and it goes with the warm color scheme of the room.

Here, Dean is checking the fit.

We had to do a bit of planing to get the fit right.

Here, Dean is prepping the frame to receive the mounting hinges.

For the pull handle on this door, I wanted to re-purpose a bamboo leg from an old antique table that I had dissembled a while ago - and was saving for some future project.

Dean fabricated the spacers from a section of brake line.

Here we are installing it.

And here is the finished result.  It works great, and I think it looks really nice!

There is one more closet that still needs a door, but we have not figured out what we want to do with it yet.  It's another awkward space, and will need a creative approach...

We've got  a few other projects we're working on.  I will post on these soon!


  1. Love your creativity and that you use the items that you save! ;)

  2. Cathy and Dean,
    You guys are really something else....... Never without a project!!!!Very nice job!

  3. Yes, that is a sweat door! Sweet too: you made it yourselves.