Friday, August 12, 2016

Form versus Function

Dean and I are generally on opposite ends of this discussion.  Dean falling solidly in the function camp, while I tend to value aesthetics more.

Why not have both? I guess is the right question

Case in point.

Dean wanted to keep rain off of the electric meter and generator box.  Here was his solution.

A piece of plywood nailed to the top of the mounting platform - functional?  Yes.  Pretty?  Uhm - no.

So, I decided I wanted something that would look nicer.

This is 95% my project, with a good amount of counseling and coaching from Dean, because my carpentry skills pretty much suck!

What I had in mind to replace this set up is little roof - something like this.

So we got started by taking some measurements and roughly figuring out a pitch for the mini roof.

Dean had me use crayon to draw out a template on the floor of the garage.

We gathered some tools,

and I got to work.

Watch out!  She's using a saw!

2 mini trusses done.

and a test fit.

Next, we got ready to mount the trusses.

More saw experience.  Other than using a chop saw, sawing is the worst of my carpentry skills.

Supervisor Missy keeps a watchful eye on the progress.  She loves to nab and chew on the little wood remnants that are left after cutting.

Here are the trusses mounted.

The trusses were a little crooked after we mounted them, so we used this pipe clamp to align them before putting on the roof decking. 

We used some of our pine 1x stock for the decking.

Then we added a layer of this rubberized membrane.  Probably overkill for this project.  Mainly we used it because we had some leftover from another job.

Then we were ready for the shingles.  I wanted to use the scraps of cedar shingles we had leftover from siding the house.  Some of these were left from the zig zag patterns we did on parts of the house.

 This is my favorite part of the project.  It's kind of like putting together a puzzle.

For the peak of the rooflet, we used a strip of aluminum flashing that I had acquired from a free-cycler

Using tin snips to cut the flashing

The one armed man helped me to clamp the aluminum in order to bend it.

And here it is installed on the rooflet.

I will put a coat of paint on this and call it done.

I plan to plant a creeping vine on the side.  I think that will look nice.

That's it for now!